project management

Dedicated to Project Success

Anacapa engineers across all disciplines have more than 30 years of experience managing multi-functional teams to efficiently reach client milestones.

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project scoping

  • Weekly cost and schedule update

  • Cost estimating menu


  • Plan for detailed design

    • Project coordination

    • Internal project meetings

    • Client project meetings

    • Cost and schedule tracking

  • Project cost estimate

    • Detailed engineering and design estimate

    • Equipment estimates

    • Materials estimates

    • Construction estimates

    • Project cost estimate summary

  • Project schedule

    • Detailed engineering and schedule

    • Procurement schedule

    • Construction schedule

    • Project schedule summary

  • Schedule and budget assurance

    • Project coordination

  • Plan for construction

    • Internal project meetings

  • Plan for start-up

    • Client project meeting

    • Cost and schedule tracking

    • Start-up support


Marc Oberholzer, PE

Chief Engineer- Civil