Building the Foundation of Your Success

Our talented civil and structural engineers have over 30 years of professional experience working in a wide variety of industries with both local and international clients.

Please see how our engineers can be of service to you! Our non-exhaustive list of civil and structural engineering services is located below.


civil engineering inquiries

Structural engineering inquiries

project scoping

  • Define Engineering and Design Support required to complete the Project efficiently

  • Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED)

  • Detailed Engineering & Design

cost estimating

  • Permitting fees

  • Construction estimating (TIC)


  • County and City Agencies

    • Minor Activity Review Permits (OGO)

    • Grading Permits (Building Depts)

    • Building Permits (Building Depts)

    • Encroachment Permits for Roads and Canals (Road Dept, Local Water Agencies)

    • 48hr Dust Control Notifications (APCD)

    • Dust Control Plans (APCD)

    • Plan Check Drawing Packages for Compliance with Local Codes

  • State Agencies

    • Encroachment Permits (CalTrans, DWR, UPRR)

    • Engineering Support for Lake and Streambed Alteration Permits (CDFW)

    • Erosivity Waiver Exemptions (RWQCB)

    • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (RWQCB)

    • Underground Classification Permit - Mining and Tunneling (CALOSHA)

  • Federal Agencies

    • Engineering Support for Sundry Notices (BLM)

    • Encroachment Permits (ACE)

Engineering and design

  • Provide FEED Drawing Packages (30% Complete) to support Project Cost Estimates

  • Provide Construction Drawing Packages (100% Complete) as part of Detailed Engineering & Design

  • Structural Drawing Packages:

    • Healthcare

    • Schools (K-12 and Higher Education)

    • Commercial Buildings

      • Office

      • Retail

      • Car Dealerships

      • Gymnasiums

      • Warehouses

    • Residential Buildings

    • Public Buildings

    • Church Facilities

    • Industrial Applications including:

      • Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Foundations

      • Tank Foundations

      • Vessel foundations

      • Pipe and Cable Tray Supports

      • Overhead Piperacks

      • Stairways and Platform Structural Steel and Foundations

      • Retaining Walls

      • Containment Walls

      • Solar Array Supports and Foundations

      • Solar Equipment Foundations

      • RNG Equipment Foundations and Pipe Supports

      • Shallow and Deep Foundation Design

  • Types of Buildings/Building Materials

    • Wood Construction

    • Steel Moment Frames

    • Steel Braced Frames

    • Tilt-up Construction

    • CMU Bearing Walls

    • Concrete Design

    • Footing and Foundation Design

  • Renovations and Modernizations

  • Structural Investigations

  • Seismic Rehabilitation

  • Civil Drawing Packages:

    • Commercial and Residential Site Development Plans

      • Erosion Control Plans

      • Utility Connection Plans

    • Commercial and Residential Grading and Drainage Plans

    • Industrial Applications:

      • Full Oilfield Development Plans (Greenfield and Brownfield)

        • Wellpad Grading and Drainage Plans

        • Pipeline Corridor Routing Plans

        • Powerline Corridor Routing Plans

        • Facilities Grading, Over-Excavation and Drainage Plans

    • Roadway Design

    • Watershed Analysis

    • Basin, Drainage Culvert and Channel (Open Flow) Design

  • Construction Support

    • Structural Observations

    • Earthwork Inspections

    • Project Management

      • Develop Project Schedules

      • Prepare Weekly Cost Tracking/Progress Reporting

    • Inter-discipline Project Coordination

    • Manage Scope

  • Certifications/Memberships

    • California-Licensed Civil Engineers

      • Marc Oberholzer P.E. C87118

      • Jack Collins P.E. C55427

      • Ramon Sanchez P.E. C70043

    • California-Licensed Structural Engineer

      • Ramon Sanchez S.E. S5407

    • SWPPP (Qualified SWPPP Developer and Practitioner) QSDs & QSPs

      • Marc Oberholzer P.E.

      • Jack Collins P.E.

    • Industrial SWPPP (QSIP)

      • Jack Collins P.E.

    • SJVAPCD Regulation VIII Dust Control Certified

      • Marc Oberholzer P.E. - Completed 07/17/14

      • Jack Collins P.E. - Completed 09/22/05

    • ASCE Membership